Indoor-farming Food and Sustainability 

Indoor Farming Technology: The Future of Innovative Farming

The global industry trends and their operational situation are constantly transforming due to technological innovation and rising demand for net-zero carbon emissions. All this, and more, has pushed businesses to look for new and innovative methods to sustain their market growth and brand value. One such industry is the agriculture industry, which is constantly innovating to move ahead with the updating technology. Conventional agriculture methods require ideal climatic conditions, a wide range of land availability, soil fertility, and sufficient water supply, among other things. However, due to the significant surge…

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Vertical Farming Food and Sustainability 

Vertical Farming: An Advanced Crop Production Technology

Vertical farming is a growing industry. It entails growing organic produce on walls or in layered beds, which can be done outside if the weather permits or indoors with natural or regulated lighting. Both outside and indoor plants are grown soilless. The goal of vertical farming is to improve plant productivity, growth, and soilless farming methods. Vertical farming is a crop production technology that utilizes business intelligence, robotic, the internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). Crops can thrive in the absence of agronomic constraints owing to such technologies.…

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