5G Satellite Communication Space and Communication 

Major Driving Forces Propelling the Demand for the 5G Satellite Communication Market

Internet connectivity and communication are fundamental tools of all advanced modern technologies. Since the inception of the world wide web in 1989, internet technology has grown manifolds. As we move forward with discoveries such as satellite communication, smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and many more, the demand for a stronger, faster, and more feasible connective network is increasing. In 2022, the world is witnessing the fifth-generation (5G) standard in telecommunication for broadband cellular networks. 5G is the successor of the 4G network currently used in most…

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Wireless-Brain-Sensors Healthcare 

Wireless Brain Sensors | A New Sensation Emerging in Neuro Science

Wireless brain sensors track temperature, detect intracranial pressure, and record brain transmission in the form of brain waves. Sleep disorders, traumatic brain injury, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological illnesses are some of the major ailments for which brain sensors are most commonly utilized. Wireless connection allows brain sensors to be accessed remotely. These sensors can be linked with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As a result, they may be monitored intermittently from a homecare environment, making the device cost-efficient. Earlier, sensors tied people to the monitoring site and necessitated their…

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5G Antenna Space and Communication 

5G Antennas a Must for Smooth Functioning of 5G Technology

The increasing data traffic and network congestion is the cause of significant concern for users today. These concerns are pushing forward the demand for 5G technology. Implementing 5G technology can enhance the efficiency, quality of service, security, and reliability factor communication devices and network services.  Also, using the 5G network can fulfill the need for reliability, speed, and low latency. The 5G technology is going to be a boon for various applications. However, it requires proper hardware for seamless operations. Thus, the requirement of a 5G indoor distributed antenna system…

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