Food and Sustainability 

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Landscape of the Food Industry?

Robots are constantly taking charge at every stage of the food supply, from manufacturing to food packaging. Today, every food packaging and processing company is adopting robots and integrating these robots within their operations to enhance food safety and reduce work-related injuries. The global population is increasing at a higher pace and will soon reach 8 million by end of 2022. Naturally, with the growing human population, it becomes mandatory to increase food production. But using the old traditional method of farming to meet such increasing food demands might not work…

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IoT-Technology Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 

Digital Transformation Via IoT Technology

The internet of things (IoT) is all about connecting various devices via communication or computational activities, enabling them to directly share data with other devices to control everything from your home thermostat to your car’s GPS. Moreover, advancements in microprocessor technology have made it possible for the IoT to connect previously otherwise too-distant items in an ever more efficient way than ever before, opening up new possibilities that will enable business owners everywhere. IoT is one of the buzzwords of the current century. No one is unfamiliar with the term.…

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