Food and Sustainability 

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Landscape of the Food Industry?

Robots are constantly taking charge at every stage of the food supply, from manufacturing to food packaging. Today, every food packaging and processing company is adopting robots and integrating these robots within their operations to enhance food safety and reduce work-related injuries. The global population is increasing at a higher pace and will soon reach 8 million by end of 2022. Naturally, with the growing human population, it becomes mandatory to increase food production. But using the old traditional method of farming to meet such increasing food demands might not work…

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SLAM Technology Augmented & Virtual Reality 

Autonomous Drones and Robotics Dominate SLAM Technology

Indoor machines had a hard time locating themselves in their surroundings and comprehending the map of the environment they were operating in before the introduction of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology. This challenge was dubbed the “chicken and egg” problem since localization necessitated the acquisition of surrounding maps, while mapping of the surroundings necessitated localization. What is SLAM Technology?  SLAM is an acronym for simultaneous localization and mapping. SLAM is a technology utilized in computer vision technologies that receive visual data from the physical world using several sensors implanted in…

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