Top Five Advanced Cancer Diagnosis Methods in the Market

Early and accurate diagnosis of the disease is one of the essential steps in curing or containing the disease. Especially in cancer cases, early diagnosis is the best chance of curing the disease. The more advanced cancer stage leads to more painful treatment procedures and a lesser chance of survival for the patient. An early cancer diagnosis is crucial to manage further advancement of the disease and strategize an effective treatment plan. In cancer, the symptoms such as fatigue, severe pain, swollen bumps, etc., generally appear in its later stages…

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Increasing Threat of Infectious Diseases in Europe and the Advances in Genomic Diagnostic Tools

After witnessing a devastating global pandemic such as COVID-19, the world has gained a concrete understanding of the level of destruction an infectious disease can cause. In an extremely interconnected world where international travel and migration are easier than ever, the health risks of infectious and communicable diseases have grown exponentially. Moreover, the changing environmental, socioeconomic, and behavioral factors are contributing significantly to the healthcare challenges. Diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, HIV, West Nile, Japanese encephalitis, elephantiasis, Ebola, etc., pose a great threat to the European population.…

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