Automotive-Inverter Mobility 

Automotive Inverter | Setting a New Trend in Electric Vehicle Segment

Automobile components manufacturers are making various breakthroughs, especially, in the battery and the automotive inverter technologies, to introduce a whole new range of alternative energy vehicles. Since the automotive inverter is such a crucial component of alternative energy vehicles, demand from, both, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket vehicle components suppliers are projected to increase in the future, generating substantial changes in the mobility sector. Also, when these technologies and materials reach their optimal levels of development, prices for alternative energy vehicles are expected to reduce. The global automotive inverter…

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Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging System Market Mobility News 

Electric Vehicle Charging Points in U.K. to Overtake Fuel Pumps by 2030

The demand for electric vehicles has continuously been on a surge globally, and a similar trend is being witnessed in the U.K. By the end of February 2022, there were around 420,000 fully electric vehicles on the road in the U.K. However, the lack of infrastructure, such as not enough charging stations, has been a concern for all kinds of electric vehicle users. Currently, the country has only 30,000 charging points across 15,000 locations. Taking strict cognizance of this concern, the U.K. Department for Transport (DfT) has now set a…

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