Cellular-Connected Drone Market Space and Communication 

How Cellular-Connected Drones Influence the Manufacturers in Stimulating the Drone Industry?

Over the previous few decades, the drone sector has seen rapid technical improvements. These advancements have improved drone autonomy, operating ranges, and capabilities and cleared the path for new business potential. Cellular network capabilities are expected to further enhance the safety of drones for users. The emergence of cellular network connectivity in the market for cellular-connected drones has revolutionized the communication process between the operator and the drone. According to BIS Research, the global cellular-connected drone market is expected to generate $592.1 million in 2023 and is estimated to grow…

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livestock Management Food and Sustainability 

Application of Drones in Livestock Management

What is Livestock Management? Livestock are animals that can be domesticated for their meat, milk, eggs, and by-products. One has to manage the animals for them to yield a profit. Having proper strategies in place is as crucial as having effective management systems because this will give birth to a steady income stream. Understanding one’s livestock is integral in the process of domesticating them and making sure they reproduce quickly and effectively. Managing animals takes more time than any other process involved in the practice of livestock. This may include…

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