Indoor-farming Food and Sustainability 

Indoor Farming Technology: The Future of Innovative Farming

The global industry trends and their operational situation are constantly transforming due to technological innovation and rising demand for net-zero carbon emissions. All this, and more, has pushed businesses to look for new and innovative methods to sustain their market growth and brand value. One such industry is the agriculture industry, which is constantly innovating to move ahead with the updating technology. Conventional agriculture methods require ideal climatic conditions, a wide range of land availability, soil fertility, and sufficient water supply, among other things. However, due to the significant surge…

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Artificial Intelligence Food and Sustainability 

How can Artificial Intelligence Contribute to Future Agricultural Sustainability?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining adoption in agriculture, both in agricultural goods and in-field farming practices. Cognitive computing, in particular, is ready to become the most revolutionary innovation in agriculture services because it can comprehend, learn, and respond to a variety of scenarios (based on learning) to boost productivity. The world’s population is rapidly growing, and with it the demand for food and employment increases. The farmers’ traditional techniques were not sufficient to meet these demands. Climate change, population increase, job challenges, and food security issues have all been…

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Type of indoor growing methods Food and Sustainability 

Types of Indoor Farming Methods

The world population is growing exponentially, and so is the demand for food. Several countries are already facing a scarcity of food and water. This shortage is estimated to increase in the coming years. Traditional farming has several challenges as it needs a definite amount of water and land. Moreover, several environmental factors affect the crops. Slight changes in the environmental factors can result in crop losses. Traditional farming also faces water shortage and land scarcity, as well as the need for extensive labor as a challenge. In the past,…

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