Hydrogen Fuel Transition to Hydrogen Economy Materials 

Hydrogen Fuel: Transition to Hydrogen Economy

The term “hydrogen economy” refers to the vision of using hydrogen as a means to provide an alternative source of non-carbon-based energy. Hydrogen as an energy source is attractive for many reasons. For instance, when hydrogen is burned to produce thermal energy or electricity in a fuel cell, the only byproduct is water. Hydrogen cannot be found in its purest form on Earth. Before hydrogen can be used in a fuel cell, it must first be extracted from other compounds such as natural gas, alcohol, or water. Therefore, hydrogen is…

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Hydrogen Fuel Green Hydrogen Vs. Blue Hydrogen Materials 

Hydrogen Fuel: Green Hydrogen Vs. Blue Hydrogen | Which one is better?

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier due to its use across different energy sectors for various purposes. In the previous blogs, the discussion was on colors of hydrogen and everything about green hydrogen. This blog talks about Green Hydrogen and Blue Hydrogen to help understand their differences and which one is better and feasible. The exacerbation of energy requirements has become quite relevant in the past few years. New and innovative plans for producing energy must now become a necessity. Hydrogen as an energy source is considered as “Fuel of…

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Hydrogen-Fuel Materials 

Hydrogen Fuel: All about Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is usually considered to be one of the most important alternative energy sources of the future. It is not only an environmentally friendly source of energy but also one of the most versatile. Approximately 70 million metric tons of hydrogen is already produced globally every year for ammonia production, oil refining, chemical and fertilizer production, steel manufacturing, metallurgy, food processing, and more. Hydrogen fuel is the best energy alternative for this planet. There are so many ways in which it can help save not only Earth but also some…

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Green hydrogen Technology Materials 

Application Areas and Advantages of Using Green Hydrogen Technology

The non-renewable resources are depleting fast and are being replaced by renewable energy, and one such clean source among them is hydrogen. Being a by-product of water, hydrogen is extracted through the process of electrolysis. This clean form of energy can be used for powering several operations, including manufacturing and transportation, among others. Green hydrogen technology is expected to become a mega-billion worth of technology with its applications across industries. Also, taking into consideration the increasing demand for fuel for various activities, several countries have already started formulating initiatives and…

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