Indoor-farming Food and Sustainability 

Indoor Farming Technology: The Future of Innovative Farming

The global industry trends and their operational situation are constantly transforming due to technological innovation and rising demand for net-zero carbon emissions. All this, and more, has pushed businesses to look for new and innovative methods to sustain their market growth and brand value. One such industry is the agriculture industry, which is constantly innovating to move ahead with the updating technology. Conventional agriculture methods require ideal climatic conditions, a wide range of land availability, soil fertility, and sufficient water supply, among other things. However, due to the significant surge…

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Hydroponic Techniques Food and Sustainability 

Types of Hydroponic Techniques

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that involves water instead of soil, and it’s done using a solution rich in nutrients and minerals. Generally, hydroponic systems are known to be some of the most efficient ways to grow plants because one can fail-proof the whole process easily by giving the plants just what they need to thrive or grow even outside of their optimal environment or time frame. Less water usage by these plants compared to conventional soil-based plants is the main reason the hydroponic industry has been in…

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Aquaponic Food and Sustainability 

Aquaponics To Help Ensure Food Security to the World

Aquaponics is considered to be a valuable future technology in the field of nutrition. It helps us breed fish and cultivate crops using a controlled environment in a greenhouse. Through a controlled environment, aquaponics is promising us food security at a time when climate change threatens crops. The Challenge With Current Growing Systems Food production systems gravely need implementation of innovation to bring more local, healthier, and sustainable fish and plants to people’s tables worldwide. Overfishing and illegal fishing activities are a growing concern that seems to have no end…

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Vertical-Farming Food and Sustainability 

Vertical Farming Creating Pathway for a Sustainable Future

In terms of contribution to gross domestic product (GDP), the agriculture sector plays a substantial role in any country’s economy. As a result, agricultural development receives a lot of attention to increase agricultural productivity and boost the economy of the country. The need to boost agricultural productivity has become crucial owing to the exponential growth of the global population, the resulting increase in global food consumption, the decline in agricultural land, and the depletion of limited natural resources. The growth of the urban population in developing countries, combined with improved…

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