Electric-vehicle Mobility 

The Hidden Challenges Within the Electric Vehicle Batteries Faced by Automotive Industry

Most commercial as well as passenger vehicles have relied heavily upon using fossil fuels to operate for decades. Fossil fuels such as petrol, coal, diesel etc. have such high consumption that today they are on the verge of extinction. Additionally, the ecological damage done by these fossil fuels has been a paramount concern for our biodiversity. However, the advancements in the technology are rapidly transforming all industry sector including the automotive industry. The use of electric powered vehicles has emerged as a solution to the existing challenges (as discussed earlier…

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Electric-Vehicles Mobility 

Electric Vehicles Charging the Future with Batteries

An electric vehicle runs only on electricity. Unlike other conventional cars, this one does not have an internal combustion engine. Instead, the wheels are powered by an electric motor. These cars are getting increasingly popular. Tesla is the most common example. The global usage of electric vehicles necessitates thorough testing, inspection, and certification of electric vehicles. Demand has also grown due to the growing desire to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming. Inspection, testing, and certification are key steps for electric vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers to guarantee that…

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Electric Vehicle Mobility 

4 Applications of Electric Vehicle Battery Housing Market

The automotive industry is witnessing a massive transformation in terms of technological development as the sales of electric vehicle have increased significantly due to various factors such as rising environmental concerns, availability of technology, and growing demand. The battery housing in an EV is responsible for providing crash-safe battery protection from electric shock and fire hazards. The development of advanced material and material composition for battery housing has significantly improved the design and structure of battery packs in EVs. The demand for light materials in order to increase the vehicle…

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