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Top Five Space-Based Technologies Accelerating Human Development

The growth of space science and technology worldwide has made an unprecedented impact on human life. Since the beginning, the purpose of all technological advancements, including space-based technology, has been to improve the quality of life. Continuous research and development are crucial to exploring how space-based technology can further enhance the quality of life. Today, owning the most advanced space centers/technologies and completing successful space missions are crucial power factors for countries across the world. Countries such as the U.S, China, the U.K, Russia, and India are the biggest examples…

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Invasion In Ukraine Impacts International Space Exploration

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had an impact on space exploration being carried over by nations globally. Within weeks after the invasion, international cooperation on current and future space projects was disrupted. Several space exploration initiatives are now in jeopardy. Russia’s actions, and the worldwide reactions, show a potential threat of destroying global space mission collaborations. Initiatives That are Already Threatened One Web, a U.K.-based network company, has been creating satellite constellations to provide global network services. It was in contract with the Russia Space Agency, Roscosmos, to launch all…

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