Drone-Delivery Space and Communication 

The Unspoken Truth of the Drone Delivery Sector

Technology has made the daily lives of humans much easy. Several impossible tasks can now be performed with the help of modern-day technologies that once seemed impossible. Drone technology is one such technology that has brought significant feasibility to performing routine activities. Drones are now capable of traveling to places that were once out of the reach of humans. Advancing drone technology is allowing the drones to have multiple capabilities, such as carrying and delivering packages to far places in a short time. These drones are also capable of performing…

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Cellular-Connected Drone Market Space and Communication 

How Cellular-Connected Drones Influence the Manufacturers in Stimulating the Drone Industry?

Over the previous few decades, the drone sector has seen rapid technical improvements. These advancements have improved drone autonomy, operating ranges, and capabilities and cleared the path for new business potential. Cellular network capabilities are expected to further enhance the safety of drones for users. The emergence of cellular network connectivity in the market for cellular-connected drones has revolutionized the communication process between the operator and the drone. According to BIS Research, the global cellular-connected drone market is expected to generate $592.1 million in 2023 and is estimated to grow…

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Drone-for-crop-monitoring Unmanned Systems / Drones 

6 Ways Drones Can Cut Crop Monitoring Costs

In the agricultural sector, technological advancements and new machinery have changed how farmers work over the years, thereby compelling growers to adopt new farming techniques. These machines bring about positive changes and help farmers cope with the growing needs of the people concerned. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are modern aviation solutions to key farming issues. UAVs can perform tedious tasks with more efficiency and in less time than manual methods. Practices such as monitoring, mapping, sowing, and irrigation can be carried using drones. This sort of automation provides value to…

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Drones for Crop Sowing Unmanned Systems / Drones 

Drones for Crop Sowing

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are widely used in the agricultural sector. Due to persistent problems like crop failure and increased food demand due to population, the need for drone technologies has increased. UAVs, commonly known as drones, have a wide range of applications in the agricultural industry. Sowing, monitoring, soil, and plant analysis are a few applications in which drones are used. With changes in conventional agricultural practices and pressure to increase food production; UAVs have helped growers to get along with the change and reduce the pressure. Advancement in…

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Security-of-Your-Drone-Data Unmanned Systems / Drones 

Alert: Security of Your Drone Data is at Stake!

Drones are an excellent tool for commercial activities and a multipurpose device for the military. With the increasing number of use cases, drones are more important than ever. As drone technology improved and the market expanded, their prices have dropped. Hence, more and more companies like Amazon and Zomato have begun exploring possibilities with drones. This means unmanned aerial systems (UAS) today have a hold of some very critical data. Drone technology is still in its early years of development and is susceptible to several security threats. In the late…

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livestock Management Food and Sustainability 

Application of Drones in Livestock Management

What is Livestock Management? Livestock are animals that can be domesticated for their meat, milk, eggs, and by-products. One has to manage the animals for them to yield a profit. Having proper strategies in place is as crucial as having effective management systems because this will give birth to a steady income stream. Understanding one’s livestock is integral in the process of domesticating them and making sure they reproduce quickly and effectively. Managing animals takes more time than any other process involved in the practice of livestock. This may include…

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Drones Robotics 

Armed Unmanned Vehicles Instilling a Sense of Fear: Are We Ready to Confront the Dark Side of Drones?

The use of drones has been on the increase all over the world. The use of armed drones by several countries has created a climate of fear among the local populations. The use of armed drones is a new development that might endanger world peace. There is no international consensus on the legality of the use of armed drones. If armed drones are considered lawful, this will create a “playground of war” in which each state could decide for itself the level of violence it was prepared to perpetrate on…

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agriculture-drone Food and Sustainability 

Drones for Precision Agriculture

Global food security and food safety concerns around the globe have necessitated the need for large-scale precision agriculture to improve the productivity and quality of agricultural produce. Drones can primarily help in this direction by providing high-resolution aerial data of the farms and assisting in spraying fertilizers, sowing, inspection, etc. Drones can even help farmers with tedious, cumbersome tasks of sowing and examining plants, therefore help save labor and time. This blog will look at the current utilization of drone tech in agriculture and present a picture of its future…

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