Drone-Delivery Space and Communication 

The Unspoken Truth of the Drone Delivery Sector

Technology has made the daily lives of humans much easy. Several impossible tasks can now be performed with the help of modern-day technologies that once seemed impossible. Drone technology is one such technology that has brought significant feasibility to performing routine activities. Drones are now capable of traveling to places that were once out of the reach of humans. Advancing drone technology is allowing the drones to have multiple capabilities, such as carrying and delivering packages to far places in a short time. These drones are also capable of performing…

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Need for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies Robotics 

Need for Advancements in Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies

Counter-drone technology or counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems technology is used to detect, fix, track, identify, and neutralize unidentified aerial vehicles (UAVs). The increased usage of commercial drones has raised the growth of counter-UAV technology or anti-drone technologies to neutralize rogue drones. Some anti-drone systems use sensors to detect UAVs, identify dangers via electro-optical/infrared imaging and RF emissions, and eliminate the threat presented by unidentified UAVs. According to BIS Research, the worldwide counter-UAS (anti-drone) industry is expected to expand by 15.18 percent, from $1.57 billion in 2021 to $6.44 billion in 2031.…

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