Indoor-farming Food and Sustainability 

Indoor Farming Technology: The Future of Innovative Farming

The global industry trends and their operational situation are constantly transforming due to technological innovation and rising demand for net-zero carbon emissions. All this, and more, has pushed businesses to look for new and innovative methods to sustain their market growth and brand value. One such industry is the agriculture industry, which is constantly innovating to move ahead with the updating technology. Conventional agriculture methods require ideal climatic conditions, a wide range of land availability, soil fertility, and sufficient water supply, among other things. However, due to the significant surge…

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IoT-Security Internet of Things 

Top 5 Alarming Vulnerabilities in IoT Devices You Need to Know to Secure Your Devices

With new technologies coming into existence every day, the demand for Internet of Things (IoT) devices is growing tremendously, and it is so much that humans rely on them for pretty much every basic function involved in their everyday lives. IoT devices store, transmit and process essential data every day. They serve as the perfect target for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals can potentially siphon off large amounts of private information that could be used to conduct future attacks on unsuspecting victims. While businesses are reaping huge benefits from the IoT ecosystem, cyberattacks…

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Agriculture Food and Sustainability 

The Prospect of Digital Technologies in the Agriculture Market

Owing to the rapid increase in number of people, the world population is expected to be around 10 billion by the year 2057. This increase in the global population will lead to an increase in demand for natural resources like petroleum, oil, coal, freshwater, and particularly food. To address the heightening demand for food from the limited available farmlands and labor, specialists’ horticulture machinery designers and technology vendors are presenting innovative arrangements in the field of agriculture. Smart farming is an emerging idea that alludes to overseeing farms, utilizing advancements…

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