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Global Prevalence of Lung Cancer: Causes, Risks, and Advanced Treatments

Living in the post-industrial revolution world with all the comforts of life has its hazards as much as benefits. The healthcare concerns based on lifestyle and environmental causes are increasing at an alarming rate. Cancer is one such life-threatening disease that has witnessed a concerning prevalence among humans. Every year, millions of lives are lost due to the disease. According to the WHO report, cancer accounted for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020. Among the various types of cancers, lung cancer is the most common disease and accounted for approximately…

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Oncology Healthcare 

Growing Significance of Precision Medicine in the Field of Oncology

Cancer is one of the most devastating chronic diseases which takes thousands of lives every year. Numerous research activities are constantly being done to enhance the knowledge about cancer and discover more effective medicines to cure the disease. Oncology is a branch of medicine specifically dedicated to the research, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. It includes several subbranches such as medical oncology (the use of chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and other drugs to treat cancer), radiation oncology (the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer), and surgical oncology (the use of…

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