A Series of New-Gen Tech Automobiles Unveiled at the CES 2022 Mobility 

A Series of New-Gen Tech Automobiles Unveiled at the CES 2022

Indi EV Conceived the Idea of “World’s First Social Media Equipped Car” Indi EV, a California-based electric vehicle startup, debuted a prototype of the Indi One at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 held in Las Vegas, U.S., calling it “the world’s first social media-oriented automobile”. The vehicle claims to have an integrated computer for gaming, a complete Windows workstation capable of handling Zoom conversations and even recording events that can later be shared on social media, and software that allows passengers to collect trip information and video to be uploaded…

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Lidars From China Grabbing the Spotlight at CES 2022

Wednesday, 5th January 2022, Chinese company Hesai has been showing some advanced and low-cost products at CES 2022, contributing to the development of the autonomous driving industry. Hesai showcased AT128, a long-range hybrid solid-state lidar for driver-assistance systems applications in mass production passenger and commercial vehicles. “AT128 has a ranging capability of 200 meters at 10 percent reflectivity, with effective ground detection as far as 70 meters. It is one of the few hybrid solid-state lidars on the market that can detect objects at such a long range, while also…

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