Lidars From China Grabbing the Spotlight at CES 2022

Wednesday, 5th January 2022, Chinese company Hesai has been showing some advanced and low-cost products at CES 2022, contributing to the development of the autonomous driving industry. Hesai showcased AT128, a long-range hybrid solid-state lidar for driver-assistance systems applications in mass production passenger and commercial vehicles. “AT128 has a ranging capability of 200 meters at 10 percent reflectivity, with effective ground detection as far as 70 meters. It is one of the few hybrid solid-state lidars on the market that can detect objects at such a long range, while also…

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General Motors Makes Big Announcement at CES2022, Will be the First to Deliver Personal Autonomous Vehicles

Wednesday, 5th January 2022, CEO on General Motors (GM) announced that GM is going to be the first company to deliver a personal autonomous vehicle. On Wednesday, the company introduced a wide range of vehicles that utilize driver-assist technology and driverless technology. GM is also aiming to disrupt the taxi industry by entering into rideshare and delivery sectors. “We expect that Cruise will be the first to enable large-scale commercial autonomous experience for both ride-share and delivery, and we are looking further down the road at opportunities to extend fully…

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Autonomous Vehicles - The Future of Self-Driving Mobility 

Autonomous Vehicles – The Future of Self-Driving

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are known by different names, such as driverless vehicles and self-driving cars. Autonomous refers to the technology that is completely capable of performing and operating the required functions in vehicles without taking any help or letting humans do anything. This technology is made to quickly sense the driving environment and act as per the requirement. This technology can do everything that a human driver does. With time this technology is improving and advancing at much higher levels. Different Levels of Driving Automation: The technology of autonomous vehicles…

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SLAM Technology Augmented & Virtual Reality 

Autonomous Drones and Robotics Dominate SLAM Technology

Indoor machines had a hard time locating themselves in their surroundings and comprehending the map of the environment they were operating in before the introduction of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology. This challenge was dubbed the “chicken and egg” problem since localization necessitated the acquisition of surrounding maps, while mapping of the surroundings necessitated localization. What is SLAM Technology?  SLAM is an acronym for simultaneous localization and mapping. SLAM is a technology utilized in computer vision technologies that receive visual data from the physical world using several sensors implanted in…

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