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Smart Crop Monitoring Industry Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers and Trends | BIS Research Study

The global smart crop monitoring industry is expected to contribute to increased global food production as there is no dependence on arable land and climatic conditions, and year-round crop production can be achieved through these alternative farming techniques. Several countries are taking initiatives to bring automation and sustainability in the agriculture sector to enhance profitability and bring efficiency to farming applications.

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A challenge to the growth of the smart crop monitoring industry is the high initial investment for achieving a medium and large-scale commercial setup. This is considered a major hindrance in adopting these alternative farming techniques, especially in developing countries. Along with the high initial cost, awareness about alternative farming techniques is somewhat limited in countries where agricultural production is low, such as countries in the Middle East region.

With a better adoption of alternative farming techniques, countries with low agricultural production due to climatic conditions and low arable land can reinvent their agricultural sector. This would help the countries to diversify and limit their vegetable and fruit import. The global agricultural sensors market is expected to grow more in the coming years with increased emphasis on alternative and vertical farming and increased government initiatives throughout the world for uplifting the global agricultural industry.

The growing trend for advanced technologies and crop monitoring systems being used in an agricultural field, along with the increasing need for crop management and equipment and weather tracking, has led to the demand for the smart crop monitoring market. Smart crop monitoring systems provide data that assist farmers in accurately monitoring and optimizing crops by adapting to the constant environmental changes.

The global smart crop monitoring industry is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period, especially in North America, Europe, the U.K., Asia-Pacific, and China. This significant growth is majorly attributed to the increased integration of technology in the agricultural sector along with government initiatives to support the same.

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North America has experienced the highest market growth in smart crop monitoring. The high growth is majorly attributed to the increased adoption of technology-driven procedures, great emphasis on alternative farming techniques, and the potential of incorporating high investment equipment in the agricultural industry. In the North America region, the highest growth can be witnessed in the U.S. There is a presence of several companies and agricultural solution providers with a vast aftermarket in the country, which leads to the availability of inexpensive crop monitoring systems to the public.

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