A Flat Panel Antenna is a Kind of Directional Antenna Space and Communication 

Satellite Flat Panel Antenna: Future of Space Industry

A flat panel antenna is a kind of directional antenna, which means it only sends and receives radio signals from one direction. It has a broader beam, allowing the signal to reach a larger area. Flat-panel antennas are used for military, naval, and commercial aircraft radar and are today being developed for marine satellite communications applications. In the early years following the discovery of satellites, the prevalent trend was to construct and develop larger spacecraft which included huge subsystems, which made the satellites more competent and efficient. The space industry’s transformation is…

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Why are Airlines Delaying the Rollout of 5G Space and Communication 

Why are Airlines Delaying the Rollout of 5G?

Several international airlines announced that flights to the U.S. would be canceled or suspended due to the launch of the 5G technology. Air India, Japan Airlines, Emirates, and All Nippon Airways were among them. The airlines have expressed fears that the new technology will interfere with safety equipment that determine a plane’s altitude. Following airline warnings that the 5G rollout may cause flight cancellations, the telecom industry was frustrated and argued that authorities and airlines have had years to prepare for 5G. The telecom sector company’s comment came only hours…

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Electric Airplane Market Space and Communication 

Rolls-Royce’s Electric Airplane Crushes Record with 387.4 MPH Maximum Velocity

The worldwide electric airplane market is gaining importance as a result of increased efforts from firms such as major OEMs and aviation system suppliers, as well as increased investment in building enhanced technical systems that support the more electric aircraft market. Additionally, innovations like hybrid vehicles or electric drive, improvement of light, productive, high power thickness generators and engines, and high-thickness battery for limit are a portion of the variables that might push the market development. The all-electric Spirit of Innovation airplane has set three new world speed records, making…

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James Webb Space Telescope Space and Communication 

James Webb Space Telescope – Attempt to Unfold a New View of the Cosmos

It was over three decades ago when the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into low earth orbit. Since then, the famous observatory has provided us with some of the most stunning views of the cosmos. However, with the all-new James Webb Space Telescope, things are about to go beyond what we once considered the space view threshold. Here’s everything you need to know about this telescope: What is James Webb Space Telescope? The telescope is a product of a collaboration between three space agencies. These are, National Aeronautics and Space…

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Technological Advancements in Space-Qualified Propellant Tanks Space and Communication 

Technological Advancements in Space-Qualified Propellant Tanks

For decades, propellant tanks have been used in numerous space applications such as satellites and launch vehicles, and their use continues to expand. The space industry has seen several improvements in recent years as a result of a variety of causes such as cost-effective systems, technical breakthroughs, expanding private investments by new firms, and increasing demand for greater connection and communication. Propellant tanks are used to store liquid fuels in satellites and launch vehicles. A cryogenic rocket propellant tank (cryo-tank) is also used to store rocket stage fuel or oxidizer.…

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Urban Air Mobility Space and Communication 

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) on Its Way to Create an Entirely New Industry

Urban-centered air transportation is not a new notion. In the 1970s, Boston and a few other cities had on-demand helicopter taxi services. However, these taxi services were eventually halted due to accidents, air pollution, noise, and cost. In recent years, the urban air mobility market has grown significantly in importance. This is because of the growing desire for a faster and more efficient means of transportation than the current transportation services. Several government agencies and organizations have begun formulating laws and regulations to ensure that the airspace is maintained in…

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Space Space and Communication 

Emerging Trends in Space-Based RF and Microwave Technology

The global space economy has been growing at a rapid pace, owing to the increasing requirement of satellite launch vehicle services across different end users, such as defense, academic, commercial, government, and non-profit organizations. According to the Satellite Industry Association (SIA), the space industry and the satellite industry were valued at approximately $366 billion and $271 billion respectively in 2019, consisting of satellite manufacturing, launches, associated services, and ground equipment. The government and space organizations globally are constantly increasing their funding in the space industry to develop efficient and cost-effective…

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Next Gen Aircraft Propulsion System Space and Communication 

Next-Gen Aircraft Propulsion System Market to Grow at a CAGR of 18.11% during 2025-2035

With the advancements in new technologies, the aviation industry is expected to grow at a significant rate. The following key technologies are currently disrupting the aviation industry, including cybersecurity, geospatial technology, alternative fuels and energy sources, robotics and automation, new aircraft designs, internet of things (IoT), and virtual and augmented reality, among others. The upgradation of propulsion systems by promoting alternative fuel and energy sources is one of the major technology changes observed in the aviation industry. With the aim of decreasing pollution generated by air travel, next-gen aircraft propulsion…

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James Webb Space Telescope Space and Communication 

Deep Space Exploration – Leading Agencies and Technological Trends Influencing the Industry

The space sector has been undergoing numerous developments since the past years, due to several factors such as cost-effective systems due to technological advances, increasing private investments by emerging players in the industry, increasing need for better communication and connectivity. Deep space exploration includes both planetary explorations as well as human spaceflight and habitation explorations. Both these explorations require extensive support of various systems such as robotic systems to conduct various scientific investigations. The objectives for conducting deep space exploration is to expand human presence into space, increase planetary exploration…

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5G Antenna Space and Communication 

5G Antennas a Must for Smooth Functioning of 5G Technology

The increasing data traffic and network congestion is the cause of significant concern for users today. These concerns are pushing forward the demand for 5G technology. Implementing 5G technology can enhance the efficiency, quality of service, security, and reliability factor communication devices and network services.  Also, using the 5G network can fulfill the need for reliability, speed, and low latency. The 5G technology is going to be a boon for various applications. However, it requires proper hardware for seamless operations. Thus, the requirement of a 5G indoor distributed antenna system…

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