Autonomous Robotics & Unmanned Systems 

6 Ways How Autonomous Last Mile Delivery Can be Strengthened

Globally, the number of cases has increased by 24.76% since March 2021. Although the mortality rate of COVID-19 is claimed to be approximately 2% but, watching its swift spread, the whole world is now under extreme fear and chaos. As many governments have implemented country-wide or state-wide lockdowns, many people face problems related to sourcing their daily essentials and groceries from various shops and supermarkets. Due to this there is a need for a seamless supply of essential medicines and health centers, which is being obstructed due to the lockdowns.…

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Drone Robotics & Unmanned Systems 

4 Major Concerns of Mobile Network Operators and Drone Companies

Drones are increasingly being employed and are providing important services leading to socio-economic benefits for a wide range of industries. This has led to the increasing adoption of drones in commercial, government, and military applications. The commercial drone market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the future. Earlier, drones use to take a flight for a short range of about one km distance from the controller, signifying that the drone was visible to the remote pilot. The operating range of drones and UAVs is popularly known as…

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Drone Delivery Market Robotics & Unmanned Systems 

Applications for Which Drone Delivery Services are Highly Beneficial

Drones or Unmanned Ariel vehicles have gained a significant amount of traction in the past decade. The increasing adoption of these drones is mainly due to the transformative changes they have triggered across industries. At the time of their launch, drones were primarily used for military purposes. However, over the years, the uses of drones have increased, especially in commercial applications. According to the market intelligence published by BIS Research, the global drone delivery market is expected to be valued at $1.67 billion in 2023, witnessing a CAGR of 14.50% during the…

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Mobile Robot Robotics & Unmanned Systems 

Spread of COVID-19 Is Increasing the Demand for Mobile Robots

From manufacturing to retail, even to manage customer service, robots are in use for various sectors. The increasing use of robotics and unmanned systems for multiple applications is a sight to behold. Also, the spread of the global health crisis, i.e., COVID-19, has pushed the envelope in favor of using mobile robots. Kivnon Launches Advanced Mobile Robot Series  The increasing demand for robots has led several companies to enter the market and develop new and advanced robots. Recently, Kivnon, a mobile robotics solution provider, launched a range of mobile robots…

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