A Series of New-Gen Tech Automobiles Unveiled at the CES 2022 Mobility 

A Series of New-Gen Tech Automobiles Unveiled at the CES 2022

Indi EV Conceived the Idea of “World’s First Social Media Equipped Car” Indi EV, a California-based electric vehicle startup, debuted a prototype of the Indi One at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 held in Las Vegas, U.S., calling it “the world’s first social media-oriented automobile”. The vehicle claims to have an integrated computer for gaming, a complete Windows workstation capable of handling Zoom conversations and even recording events that can later be shared on social media, and software that allows passengers to collect trip information and video to be uploaded…

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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles - Differences to Know Before Buying Mobility 

Hybrid Vs Electric Cars – Differences to Know Before Buying

We often come across various models of electric and hybrid vehicles being manufactured and sold in the market. However, is the technology being used in the functioning of these two cars are the same? The answer is no. There are some distinctions in both categories. The main difference between both is electric vehicles are completely dependent on the battery power to run and operate. On the other hand, hybrid cars operate and function by the combination of two, battery power and conventional fuel. Hybrid Cars Hybrid cars have two different…

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Autonomous Vehicles - The Future of Self-Driving Mobility 

Autonomous Vehicles – The Future of Self-Driving

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are known by different names, such as driverless vehicles and self-driving cars. Autonomous refers to the technology that is completely capable of performing and operating the required functions in vehicles without taking any help or letting humans do anything. This technology is made to quickly sense the driving environment and act as per the requirement. This technology can do everything that a human driver does. With time this technology is improving and advancing at much higher levels. Different Levels of Driving Automation: The technology of autonomous vehicles…

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Electric Vehicles Cyberquad launched by Tesla for $1,900 Mobility 

Electric Quadbike “Cyberquad” launched by Tesla for $1,900

Electric vehicles, whether energized by batteries or fluid or vaporous fills creating power, will have worth to electric utilities as power assets. The power limit of the current interior burning traveler vehicle armada is gigantic and underused. In the U.S., for instance, the vehicles have gone up as much as ten times the mechanical force of all current U.S. electrical creating plants and are inactive more than 95% of the day. Electric utilities could utilize battery vehicles as power or energy units. Electric vehicle (EV) producer Tesla has dispatched a…

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Electric-Vehicles Mobility 

Electric Vehicles Charging the Future with Batteries

An electric vehicle runs only on electricity. Unlike other conventional cars, this one does not have an internal combustion engine. Instead, the wheels are powered by an electric motor. These cars are getting increasingly popular. Tesla is the most common example. The global usage of electric vehicles necessitates thorough testing, inspection, and certification of electric vehicles. Demand has also grown due to the growing desire to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming. Inspection, testing, and certification are key steps for electric vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers to guarantee that…

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self-driven-cars Mobility 

Dangers of Self Driven Cars

As the name suggests, self-driven cars do not require a human driver to control the function and working of the car. They are also known as “autonomous” or “driverless” cars. They combine software and sensors for driving and controlling the vehicle. Self-driven cars are said to be among the most efficient and exciting applications of artificial intelligence. These cars can react to driving situations faster in comparison to human drivers. In this article, we will discuss the risks involved in using self-driven cars, as well as the benefits involved. Are…

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Cyber Security Mobility 

Automotive Cybersecurity Brings Technology Advancement in Automotive Industry

Over the years, the automotive business has progressed a lot technologically. Nowadays, vehicles are highly advanced and act more like a computer in operation. Furthermore, vehicles also have remote connectivity and high-tech capabilities. With people’s rising preference for remotely connected vehicles, demand for cybersecurity solutions is expected to rise soon. One must address automotive concerns like safety, security, reliability, affordability, durability, and the utilization of contemporary embedded controllers as the industry evolves. Argus Cyber Security, Harman International, Karamba Security, Symantec Corporation, Trillium Secure, ESCRYPT, Guard Knox, and ARILOU Automotive Cyber Security…

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Simulation Software Mobility 

Simulation Software: The Future of Design and Software Development

What is simulation? In this era of artificial intelligence and AR / VR (Augmented reality and Virtual reality), simulation is nothing new. “Simulation” refers to the representation of real-world activity, event, or action on a computer. Furthermore, simulation is the act of building a model of a proposed system or function. What is simulation software? The simulation software assists in identifying the potential dangers associated with a specific activity before putting it into action. It is incredibly beneficial, and many companies are using the software to understand the variables through…

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Electric Vehicles Mobility 

Use of Acoustic and Thermal Insulation in Electric Vehicles to Enhance Driving Experience

Electric vehicles (EVs) are remarkably quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles, especially due to the absence of the noise produced from the gasoline engine and transmission systems. Therefore, EVs can glide across a road without contributing to any noise and air pollution. Even though there is a noticeable decrease in sound from an EV, other ancillary noises are predominant in electric vehicles. Most of these ancillary noises, which were previously drowned out in an internal combustion engine vehicle, are now audible in the absence of engine noise. Such ancillary noises…

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Next-Generation Automotive Lighting Market Mobility 

Europe to Witness Fastest Growth in Next-Generation Automotive Lighting Market

The automobile industry in Europe is driven by major automotive standards and regulations. These regulations by the European Union (EU) have led OEMs to build technologically sophisticated vehicle lighting systems. The safety and driver assistance technologies have made substantial strides and have greatly driven the country’s implementation of vehicle adaptive lighting and other advanced lighting technologies. Various developments are being made in the region for the development of next-generation technologies. The gas release lights such as halogen are available for Audi AG adaptive xenon headlamps. Their energy consumption is 20%…

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