Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Agri-Food Supply Chain Food and Sustainability 

Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Agri-Food Supply Chain

Over the last few years, there has been a significant impact of developing technology on the agriculture industry. There are an increasing number of investors showing interest in agriculture technology. In the last few years, several technologies have been providing solutions for the development of the agri-food market, like lab-based milk/meat, novel farming, and robotics. These solutions provide opportunities for improving the manner of producing, selling, and managing the business. Let’s learn in-depth about agrifood tech and how technology is playing a bigger part in the development of the agriculture industry.…

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Farm Direct Marketing Channels, Challenges, and Prospects Food and Sustainability 

Farm Direct Marketing | Channels, Challenges, and Prospects

One of the biggest challenges faced by farmers is to find means to improve the rate of compensation for their produce. Farm direct marketing, also known as Farmer-to-Consumer marketing (F2C marketing), is one solid solution to overcome this challenge. Producing high-quality crops is a prerequisite for profitability, but it is not adequate. Before reaching the customer, most agricultural goods pass-through multiple hands. As a result, the expenses of processing, storage, transporting and delivering food supplies rises. This clearly shows that if this multi-layer escalation process is cut-down to a simple…

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AI-agriculture Food and Sustainability 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture: Strengthening the Future

Agriculture is one of the most significant and primitive professions globally. However, in the agriculture sector, many producers struggle today to protect their crops from pests and disease, which happens because of the changing climates, prevalent pesticide use, and monocropping. On the other hand, the population globally is increasing. People’s consumption habits are continuously changing, and disposable income has risen. Due to the increasing demand for food items, farmers are under pressure to increase their productivity to meet those demands. In the next five to ten years, the population to…

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Digital-Agriculture Food and Sustainability 

Digital Agricultural Market Shapes the Future of Farming and Farmers

Agricultural operations that collect, store, analyze, and communicate electronic data and information in a digital format along the agricultural value chain are referred to as digital agriculture. Many agriculturists throughout the world are becoming aware of digital agriculture, as they recognize the opportunity of utilizing advanced technology to farming and the whole food, feed, and fiber value chain. The agriculture industry contributes significantly to the gross domestic product (GDP) of any country’s economy and tremendous attention is placed in order to raise agricultural output. With the expansion of the world’s…

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Smart-Farming Food and Sustainability 

Smart farming: The Future of Agriculture Sector

Smart farming pushes traditional farmers to use modern technologies to improve food production operations. Smart farming uses information technology (IT), digital technologies, precise algorithms, and sensors to maximize resource use to generate high crop yields and reduce operating costs. Smart farming uses numerous technologies and ways to collect and analyze data to boost the efficiency of agricultural activities. The advancement of communication technology, such as the spread of internet services, has an impact on the use of digital technologies in agriculture activities. Smart Farming technologies include specialized equipment, software, and…

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Digital transformation in the agriculture industry Food and Sustainability 

Digital Transformation in the Agriculture Industry

Digitalization has the power to transform the way that agriculture is run. Digitalization is vital for helping farmers feed the world’s growing population and manage changes in diet that come with the changing lifestyle of people. By turning toward an industrialized approach to modern farming, agribusiness companies will be more effective at preserving scarce natural resources like clean water sources by finding ways to conserve water during all crop or livestock development stages. Furthermore, when applied to various agriculture techniques, digitization can help farmers adapt to different types of farming…

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Augmented Reality Food and Sustainability 

Augmented Reality (AR): The Future of Productive Farming

Augmented reality (AR) is an improved representation of the actual physical environment created by digital visual components, music, or other sensory stimulation given via technology. The world’s population is rapidly increasing, resulting in a massive increase in demand for food and agricultural goods, among other resources. Farmers will have to increase their output by a factor of two. New technology may be able to assist farmers in attaining their objectives. Farmers might utilize Augmented Reality (AR) in addition to Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, blockchains, and Internet of Things (IoT)…

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Artificial Intelligence Food and Sustainability 

How can Artificial Intelligence Contribute to Future Agricultural Sustainability?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining adoption in agriculture, both in agricultural goods and in-field farming practices. Cognitive computing, in particular, is ready to become the most revolutionary innovation in agriculture services because it can comprehend, learn, and respond to a variety of scenarios (based on learning) to boost productivity. The world’s population is rapidly growing, and with it the demand for food and employment increases. The farmers’ traditional techniques were not sufficient to meet these demands. Climate change, population increase, job challenges, and food security issues have all been…

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Nitro-Infused Food and Sustainability 

Nitro-Infused Drinks are a Game-Changer in the Beverage Production Market

Nitro-Infused drinks are beverages that have nitrogen gas infused into them. The nitrogen infusion technique results in a rich, velvety texture and a thick, creamy foam top. The most famous example of nitro drink is cold brew. Nitro intensifies a beverage’s taste and fragrance, evokes sweetness, and has a creamy feel without adding calories. Nitro-Infused drinks like nitro coffee and nitro tea have bubbles and offer a creamy, smooth texture. The nitrogen market has been growing which in turn raises the demand for nitrogen-infused beverages such as nitro juices, which…

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Hydroponic Techniques Food and Sustainability 

Types of Hydroponic Techniques

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that involves water instead of soil, and it’s done using a solution rich in nutrients and minerals. Generally, hydroponic systems are known to be some of the most efficient ways to grow plants because one can fail-proof the whole process easily by giving the plants just what they need to thrive or grow even outside of their optimal environment or time frame. Less water usage by these plants compared to conventional soil-based plants is the main reason the hydroponic industry has been in…

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