Radiation-Hardened-Electronics Defense & Security 

Radiation-Hardened Electronics: An Essential Support for Space Technologies sin the Harsh Space Environment

Exploring the uncharted territories in outer space always comes with huge challenges of dangerous environments. Surviving in extreme environmental conditions in space is not easy either for humans or machines. Therefore, it is essential to equip the spacecraft with robust technologies such as radiation-hardened electronics to survive harsh radiations and temperatures in space. Above the protected earth’s atmosphere, spacecraft are subjected to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and a significant threat of radiation damage. The temperature in space can range from the extremely cold, hundreds of degrees below freezing,…

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Biometric Authentication and Identification Systems Are Redefining Safety Standards

As the world is moving towards a highly interconnected digital ecosystem, various threats such as data breaches, unethical hacking, malware attacks, and other cybercrimes are increasing. Such concerning issues have compelled the government bodies and organizations to establish a highly secured system. The biometric authentication and identification system is one such technology that offers the most secure and reliable solutions against the cyber threats. This technology is being adopted by nations across the globe. Several developed and developing countries have already established a mass identification program to identify their citizens…

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How Anti-Money Laundering Software are Preventing Financial Fraud Defense & Security 

How Anti-Money Laundering Software are Preventing Financial Fraud?

As per United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC), the amount of money laundered internationally in a year is believed to be between 2 and 5% of global GDP or $800 billion and $2 trillion in today’s dollars. The overall quantity of money that goes through the laundering cycle is impossible to measure due to the anonymous nature of money laundering. Technology plays an essential role in finding the frauds. There are multiple anti-money laundering software available to track the laundering transactions. Anti-money laundering or AML software  employs technology…

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Gamers Fall Prey to Crypto-Jacking Defense & Security 

Gamers Fall Prey to Crypto-Jacking

With year-long popularity, cryptocurrency has gained the attention of governments and cybercriminals. A new malware called Crackonosh has been encroaching on gamers’ devices, as per a report from AVAST- a cybersecurity company. Since 2018, ‘Crackonosh’ has been known to generate 2$ million worth of cryptocurrency. It would be self-downloaded with games such as NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 5, The Sims 4, and Jurassic World Evolution, available to download on torrent sites. Crakonosh uses the computer for mining without the user knowing about it. It only targeted…

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Can Artificial Intelligence Robot Provide Cyber Security Defense & Security 

Can Artificial Intelligence Robot Provide Cyber Security?

Artificial intelligence simulates human intelligence in a higher form. Artificial intelligence acts and learns based on the data provided to it. While the tech industry is arguably new, it is not unknown to cyber threats, cyber pirates, and hackers. Cyber security was established to guard the data and devices. Humans guide themselves from intruders by keeping security guards, but how will one protect something that is not visible? Artificial intelligence-assisted security software acts as a guard, to protect the data prone to theft. Cyber security is an emerging industry. Cyber…

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electronic-security Defense & Security 

Components of Electronic Security and their Collaboration with Cybersecurity

Electronic equipment that can perform security activities such as surveillance, access control, alarms, or incursion control to a facility or an area using electricity from the mains and a power backup such as a battery is referred to as an electronic security system. Some functions, such as electrical and mechanical gear, are also included. The sort of security system chosen is solely determined by the region to be secured and the hazards it faces. Electronic security is concerned with utilizing innovation in defensive holding by expecting unauthorized access to people and…

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Super Soldier Wearable Technology Defense & Security 

Future Soldier Armed with Advanced Electronic Devices

Defense forces are acquiring advanced technologies and wearables to improve soldiers’ combat. As a result of the increased demand for current army wearable technologies in recent years, it is expected that research into their development and deployment will expand significantly in the coming years. The smart soldier wearables are capable of reacting to, sensing, and adapting to the operating environment. The integration of new technology is intended to provide an opportunity for increased efficiency, usefulness, safety, and cost savings. Advanced wearable technologies have shown to be quite valuable to warriors.…

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Hypersonic Technology Defense & Security 

Advancements and Developments in Hypersonic Technology

A hypersonic flight is defined as flying at a speed greater than five times the speed of sound or Mach 5 (3,800 mph or 6,100 km/h). Hypersonic systems can hover at speeds more than Mach 5 (light speed) and maneuver quickly. Armed forces all over the world are investing enormous resources to develop advanced technology that improves a country’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Lately, hypersonic technology has garnered a lot of attention. Despite the fact that the technology is nearly 60 years old, military forces have only just begun to realize…

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Anti-Money Laundering Software Defense & Security 

Anti-Money Laundering Software Plays an Important Role in Detecting and Preventing Financial Crimes

Anti-money laundering (AML) software utilizes technology to support legal and financial institutions in meeting legal requirements set by financial authorities. It monitors possibly fraudulent behavior in government networks and huge financial organizations. According to BIS Research’s anti-money laundering software industry analysis, the market will develop at a substantial CAGR of 14.12 percent in terms of value from 2020 to 2025. The financial service industry has observed far-reaching technology-driven revolutions in the last five years, with corporations aiming to improve the efficiency of their financial departments by using innovative IT solutions.…

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Soldier Defense & Security 

5 Future Super Soldier Wearable Technologies You Must Know About

Over the years, soldier modernization has been a prime focus of armed forces to enhance the capability of their soldiers. Advanced technology and wearables are being procured by the defense forces to enhance soldiers’ combat and survival capabilities. The modern soldier wearable technologies have attained much attention in recent times, and thus it is expected that there will be a significant increase in research for their developments and application in the coming years. The smart soldier wearables can react, sense, and adapt themselves to the operating environmental conditions. The integration…

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