Smart Lighting Technology Big Data 

Smart Lighting Technology – Conserving Time and Energy

Smart lighting, one of the connected home technologies, is a trend picking pace today. To become a smart device, any gadget must be connected to an internet or through a smart phone via Bluetooth. The same concept applies to lighting, which can be controlled by the internet or remotely via smartphones, and thereafter is known as smart lighting. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a crucial factor in executing smart home technologies by linking and operating all electronic appliances in the home from a single device. The smart lighting market…

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Nine Emerging Trends in the Fintech Industry One Should Know Big Data 

Nine Emerging Trends in the Fintech Industry One Should Know

Nowadays, the finance sector is adapting technology to make banking more accessible and safer. The abbreviation of finance and technology has led to the formation of Fintech. The financial modules of the past have been in the process of redefining. Banks are using it vastly to create a cashless ecosystem. There has been a constant rise in the use of Fintech in E-commerce, personal finances, and many more fields. There are several emerging or already existing trends in the Fintech industry. Some of these trends are explained as follows. Buy…

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Cyber Securities to Protect One's Cryptocurrey Big Data 

Cyber Securities to Protect One’s Cryptocurrencies

Bit Mart, a cryptocurrency trading platform, experienced a large-scale security breach. The hackers withdrew about $150 million worth of assets. The hacker used the decentralized exchange aggregator to exchange the stolen tokens. These services help hackers to clean cryptocurrency and form new cryptocurrencies. They combine illegal funds with clean cryptocurrency for new cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a collection of binary data designed to work as a medium of exchangeable currency. It is a tradable digital asset or digital currency based on blockchain technology. The popularity of cryptocurrency has led to many…

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3-Dimensional-Holographic-Display Big Data 

3-Dimensional Holographic Display: Origin, Application, and Visual Function

A holographic display is a form of projection that creates a simulated three-dimensional representation via light diffraction. Holographic displays differ from other types of 3D displays as they don’t demand the usage of specialized eyeglasses or other external apparatus to perceive the image. Display solutions now play a critical role in both industrial and commercial processes. Data, communication, visualization of industrial processes, and education have all benefited from the use of displays. The unceasing digital revolution movement is driving the development of new technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality…

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Silicon-Photonics Big Data 

Silicon Photonics May Help Achieve the Cure for Cardiovascular Disease with the Success of CARDIS

The constantly evolving digital world has seen a growth in demand for online applications, data transfer, and data storage, among other technologies. Several banks, corporate and public institutions, and universities have begun to establish massive data centers with secure networks. The computing power, processing capacity, and storage capacity of today’s data centers are immense. However, as consumer needs change, technological advances are being deployed throughout data centers to provide insight through the calculation of complicated data in a short amount of time. The demand for effective data centers and higher-speed…

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Blockchain Technology Stimulates the Growth of Innovative Technologies Big Data 

Blockchain Technology Stimulates the Growth of Innovative Technologies

With the use of advanced technologies such as blockchain in overall automotive and aerospace & aviation industry, operation costs may be reduced while productivity and transparency among stakeholders and consumers are improved. Furthermore, with the shift in consumer behavior and the rising adoption of rigorous environmental rules, the global automotive and aerospace & aviation industries are through a time of wide-ranging and revolutionary changes. Moreover, With the shift in consumer behavior and the rising adoption of stringent environmental rules, the global automotive and aerospace & aviation industries are going through…

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Crypto Big Data 

Cryptocurrencies Promote Decentralization, Transparency, and Immutability

What are Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are used for investments as well as online shopping. It is protected by cryptography, making it almost hard to forge or double-spend. Unlike the stock market, the crypto market is unregulated which is why its value fluctuates daily. It is important to note that cryptocurrency does not exist physically, which means you cannot pick up a Bitcoin and hold it in your hand and use it directly to pay your bills. Furthermore, each cryptocurrency coin is made up of a unique line…

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Data Center Big Data 

Carbon Neutral Data Centers and their Cooling Techniques

Carbon neutral data center is one that emit zero direct or indirect carbon emissions. In the IT and telecom industries, the carbon neutral data center market has the highest share, followed by the BFSI industry. The ICT industry, also known as the IT and telecom industry, is a data-driven industry. Almost all applications are data-intensive, and the entire value chain generates a massive amount of data. Since data transfer during internet services demands constant storage and processing, which is a major criterion for excellent services, the telecom industry is reliant…

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