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Use of Acoustic and Thermal Insulation in Electric Vehicles to Enhance Driving Experience

Electric vehicles (EVs) are remarkably quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles, especially due to the absence of the noise produced from the gasoline engine and transmission systems. Therefore, EVs can glide across a road without contributing to any noise and air pollution. Even though there is a noticeable decrease in sound from an EV, other ancillary noises are predominant in electric vehicles. Most of these ancillary noises, which were previously drowned out in an internal combustion engine vehicle, are now audible in the absence of engine noise. Such ancillary noises…

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Next-Generation Automotive Lighting Market Automotive / Mobility 

Europe to Witness Fastest Growth in Next-Generation Automotive Lighting Market

The automobile industry in Europe is driven by major automotive standards and regulations. These regulations by the European Union (EU) have led OEMs to build technologically sophisticated vehicle lighting systems. The safety and driver assistance technologies have made substantial strides and have greatly driven the country’s implementation of vehicle adaptive lighting and other advanced lighting technologies. Various developments are being made in the region for the development of next-generation technologies. The gas release lights such as halogen are available for Audi AG adaptive xenon headlamps. Their energy consumption is 20%…

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4 Applications of Electric Vehicle Battery Housing Market

The automotive industry is witnessing a massive transformation in terms of technological development as the sales of electric vehicle have increased significantly due to various factors such as rising environmental concerns, availability of technology, and growing demand. The battery housing in an EV is responsible for providing crash-safe battery protection from electric shock and fire hazards. The development of advanced material and material composition for battery housing has significantly improved the design and structure of battery packs in EVs. The demand for light materials in order to increase the vehicle…

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