Anti Fingerprint Coatings Market Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels 

5 Major Application Areas Using Anti-Fingerprint Coatings

The anti-fingerprint coating is widely used to achieve anti-smudge properties on various devices. The anti-fingerprint layer enables achieving low maintenance cost of the product by facilitating less adhesion of dirt and moisture. Thus, several companies use an anti-fingerprint coating to differentiate their products in the competitive market. The adoption of these coatings helps the end-user companies to obtain a cost advantage over others. The entire market has been impacted, thereby increasing the opportunity for anti-fingerprint coating manufacturers. The anti-fingerprint coating market can expand rapidly because of the improved functionality and…

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3D Holographic Display Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels 

4 Future Market Trends Influencing the 3D Holographic Display Market

3D holographic displays are cost-effective virtual 3D dimensional displays, which allow visualization of an object or a thing at various planes and dimensions. These displays eliminate the need for any external device, such as a wearable glass or a head-mounted gear, which makes it much more effective for viewing for a large audience. 3D holographic display is also referred to as 3d hologram, 3d display system, 3d product display, holographic projector, holographic projection screen, or holographic projection system. All products falling in these categories form the basis of 3D holographic…

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3D Printing Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels 

3D Printing – Keys Benefits and Advantages it Offers

Over the years, 3D printing has opened a plethora of opportunities across industry verticals, right from the reduction in discrete parts per product to a decrease in manufacturing costs. The technology has led to improved prototyping abilities, mass customization, and has shortened the value chain. The capacity to create parts with internal complexity, ease of design modification, and cost-effectiveness of small production runs have made it a favorable choice for the manufacturing industry. How the use of 3D printing is beneficial? Mast Customization: Products can be manufactured in small batches…

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NVMe Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels 

Easy Access and Exchange of Data with Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)

With markets no more being restricted by geographical boundaries and are spreading globally, the demand for new and advanced digital technologies is steadily on the rise. The increasing amount of data generated is used for analysis to understand user behavior. The data generated requires high security and better-performing storage devices to avoid any losses.   Benefits of NVMe devices The use of Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) memory devices ensures data security and accuracy. These devices provide quick data access with reduced latency and minimum power consumption. NVMe can deliver five to seven times…

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