Synthetic-Biology Food and Sustainability 

Synthetic Biology | Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production

The agriculture and food industries have been seeing a constant change, with different new technical breakthroughs contributing to improving crop productivity and nutritive value of processed foods. The necessity to increase farming productivity and food processing by using sophisticated novel biological technology has become crucial because of the rise in growing demands for highly nutritious food. Synthetic biology is being used in agricultural and food solutions in underdeveloped nations, as well as in developed countries. Synthetic biologists are currently at the forefront of attempts to meet these urgent rising demands.…

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Nitro-Infused-Drinks Food and Sustainability 

Nitro-Infused Drinks – The Trendier and Healthier Alternative to Beverages

The most pressing concern facing the world is ensuring that the growing population has sufficient accessibility both to sustainable and healthy food. The global food sector is always under pressure to meet this problem. Within the expanding “wellness” and “well-being” phenomena, a rising number of customers choose food and beverage items that not only taste good but also encourage good health. Health and well-being are two important factors that have influenced consumer dietary preferences across the world. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and proactive about the things they consume, as…

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Implementations of Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing to Avert Genetic Diseases Healthcare 

Implementations of Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing to Avert Genetic Diseases

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD or PIGD) is the genetic profiling of embryos prior to implantation and, in certain cases, oocytes (before fertilization). PGD is viewed in the same light as prenatal diagnostics. Its key feature, when used to test for a specific genetic condition, is that it prevents selective abortion because the approach ensures that the infant will be devoid of the illness under consideration. PGD is, therefore, a supplement to assisted reproductive technology that necessitates the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) to obtain oocytes or embryos for testing.…

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Farm Direct Marketing Channels, Challenges, and Prospects Food and Sustainability 

Farm Direct Marketing | Channels, Challenges, and Prospects

One of the biggest challenges faced by farmers is to find means to improve the rate of compensation for their produce. Farm direct marketing, also known as Farmer-to-Consumer marketing (F2C marketing), is one solid solution to overcome this challenge. Producing high-quality crops is a prerequisite for profitability, but it is not adequate. Before reaching the customer, most agricultural goods pass-through multiple hands. As a result, the expenses of processing, storage, transporting and delivering food supplies rises. This clearly shows that if this multi-layer escalation process is cut-down to a simple…

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Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fibers Materials 

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fibers: Applications and Advancements

Silicon carbide (SiC) fiber is a high-performance ceramic material made primarily of silicon carbide molecules. SiC fiber is in high demand because of its high-performance qualities. SiC fiber also contributes to environmental sustainability by improving fuel efficiency in the aerospace, energy, and power industries, lowering CO2 and NO2 emissions. SiC fibers are increasingly being used as a substitute for existing metals in aerospace applications such as turbine engines, nozzles, propulsion units, and combustor liners. Silicon carbide fibers, which have qualities such as thermal resistance, limited thermal expansion, poor electrical conductivity,…

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3-Dimensional-Holographic-Display Big Data 

3-Dimensional Holographic Display: Origin, Application, and Visual Function

A holographic display is a form of projection that creates a simulated three-dimensional representation via light diffraction. Holographic displays differ from other types of 3D displays as they don’t demand the usage of specialized eyeglasses or other external apparatus to perceive the image. Display solutions now play a critical role in both industrial and commercial processes. Data, communication, visualization of industrial processes, and education have all benefited from the use of displays. The unceasing digital revolution movement is driving the development of new technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality…

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electronic-security Defense & Security 

Components of Electronic Security and their Collaboration with Cybersecurity

Electronic equipment that can perform security activities such as surveillance, access control, alarms, or incursion control to a facility or an area using electricity from the mains and a power backup such as a battery is referred to as an electronic security system. Some functions, such as electrical and mechanical gear, are also included. The sort of security system chosen is solely determined by the region to be secured and the hazards it faces. Electronic security is concerned with utilizing innovation in defensive holding by expecting unauthorized access to people and…

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Biomaterials-in-Dentistry-and-Orthopedics Materials 

Utilization of Biomaterials in Dentistry and Orthopedics

A biomaterial is a substance that has been engineered to interact with biological systems for a medical purpose, either a therapeutic or a diagnostic one. Biomaterials frequently contain a whole or part of a living structure or a biomedical device that leads, increases, or replaces a natural function and are frequently employed and/or altered for medical use. Such functionalities may be somewhat passive, as in the case of a heart valve, or bioactive with interactive capabilities, as in the case of hydroxyapatite-coated hip implants. Biomaterials are also employed in dentistry,…

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Silicon-Photonics Big Data 

Silicon Photonics May Help Achieve the Cure for Cardiovascular Disease with the Success of CARDIS

The constantly evolving digital world has seen a growth in demand for online applications, data transfer, and data storage, among other technologies. Several banks, corporate and public institutions, and universities have begun to establish massive data centers with secure networks. The computing power, processing capacity, and storage capacity of today’s data centers are immense. However, as consumer needs change, technological advances are being deployed throughout data centers to provide insight through the calculation of complicated data in a short amount of time. The demand for effective data centers and higher-speed…

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Acoustic and Thermal Insulation in Electric Vehicles Materials 

Use of Acoustic and Thermal Insulation in Electric Vehicles to Eradicate Noise Issues

The term “thermal insulation” refers to a material that aids in the reduction of heat transmission between objects in thermal contact or within the range of radiative effect. These materials are used all around to prevent heat from exiting or entering rooms or objects, as well as to safeguard combustible goods from excessive heat. Buildings and vehicles such as trains and aircraft can save money by insulating against heat exchange. Thermal insulation also guards against changes in the physical and chemical properties of adjacent items, which can result in damage…

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