Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Transform Digital Marketing in FutureArtificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Transform Digital Marketing in Future

Digital marketing and artificial intelligence are among the most popular and well-known concepts nowadays. In the digital industry, various improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) are helping companies make powerful strategies, optimize campaigns, and have better returns over investments.

Teleflora, a U.S.-based company, uses AI tools to enhance customers’ loyalty and make new customers. Using the customer data, Teleflora takes the help of AI tools for predicting customer behaviors of various audience segments.

AI is changing the dynamic of the digital industry. Different companies use AI tools to increase their return on investment (ROI) and sales.

In this blog, you will learn how artificial intelligence helps transform the future of digital marketing.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to a technology that works similarly to humans. It is a machine capable of thinking, responding, and performing various tasks like humans with its stored data. Since artificial intelligence can perform tasks technically, it is best known for image, robotics, and speech recognizations.

The reason behind artificial intelligence becoming popular

  • It increases accountability of customers” data and precision for fewer mistakes and provides more accuracy, which means it performs better with a high-efficiency level.
  • It examines the data in depth to provide beneficial insights.
  • It can adapt to new inputs through advanced machine learning.
  • Applications running with the support of AI can help in the automated process related to business, personalize delivery, and provide business insights.

Due to the unique ability of AI to learn from the examiner data, it helps industries bring revolutions. There is an increasing demand for artificial AI in different sectors such as marketing, banking, and medical.

How is artificial intelligence transforming digital marketing?

From voice search to Google RankBrain, AI is helping to bring change in the entire digital landscape present today. The quality of the AI to examine the collected data and adapt as per the requirements is helping digital marketers to understand the marketing trends better than humans. Through automatic digital marketing assistance, marketers and brands use AI digital marketing to save resources and time.

How can artificial intelligence in digital marketing be helpful?

  • AI can predict the audience’s buying behaviors smoothly and help understand the targeted audience more accurately and effectively.
  • AI can help enhance the user experience and provide what they are looking for in a better and organized manner.
  • AI technology can help in ending the process of guess works. One can use AI to create effective strategies for digital marketing with the help of data analysis.
  • AI helps make better decisions by creating content that can be high in performance. Using AI technology, one can contact the audiences with contracts they can never reject.

How to execute artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing into business?

The company can change how it engages with its audience using advanced AI technology. It can help the companies get new customers, relevant traffic, retain their existing customers, and increase sales.

As per the Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market report, the value is projected to touch $7.79 billion by 2024. The reason behind the market’s growth is the rising adoption of artificial intelligence in various sectors.

Following are some application areas where AI in digital marketing is being used:

  • Product recommendations: AI is used to create personalized recommendations of the content for each user as per their online behaviors. Netflix is one such example that offers different home layouts to their various users.
  • AI chatbot: Chatbot is one of the best examples of using AI technology. These AI chatbots can pass the instructions to the apps in a better translated and structured manner, which can be easy for the apps to understand. Companies can add such AI-based chatbots to communicate better with their present and future customers.
  • Email marketing: Brands use AI to customize email campaigns as per the behaviors and ratings of the users. This technology can examine millions of users’ data and predict the best time for contacting them. AI is the best technology to make different email content for each subscriber for better reach.

Example of a brand using artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing

Starbucks is one of the most globally known brands. It uses mobile apps and loyalty cards to gather and examine the customers’ data. The collected data includes the customers’ purchase history, such as the time of purchase and store location. So, with the help of collected customer data, unique marketing messages are made for every customer. This message has a suggestion to enhance the average customer values and recommendations for visiting the local stores.


The rising demand for AI in digital marketing will not make advertisers unemployed. Advertisers can use AI tools to better plan and strategically reach the targeted audience effectively.   Many companies have already started using AI tools, and in the future, the dependency on artificial intelligence technology will be more in terms of doing effective marketing.

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