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Applications for Which Drone Delivery Services are Highly Beneficial

Drones or Unmanned Ariel vehicles have gained a significant amount of traction in the past decade. The increasing adoption of these drones is mainly due to the transformative changes they have triggered across industries. At the time of their launch, drones were primarily used for military purposes. However, over the years, the uses of drones have increased, especially in commercial applications.

According to the market intelligence published by BIS Research, the global drone delivery market is expected to be valued at $1.67 billion in 2023, witnessing a CAGR of 14.50% during the forecast period, 2023-2030.

There are several applications for which drone delivery can be used. These include photography, mapping, disaster management, delivery, search and rescue, precision agriculture, wildlife monitoring, weather forecast, entertainment, and law enforcement. Let us understand the role of drones in different applications.

  • Delivery: E-commerce companies are making use of drones for making contactless delivery of merchandise. Other benefits of using drones for delivery purpose is that they save time and labor cost. Drone delivery is best suited for packages containing items such as medicines, food, and beverages, among others.
  • Mapping: Geographical mapping is one of the most sought-after applications of drones. Drones help capture images of areas such as islands, mountain ranges, and coastlines. The captured images can then be converted into high-resolution, 3D images for study and analysis purposes.
  • Photography: Commercial use of drones for photography has gained significant traction over the years. Drones help in capturing ariel shots which would otherwise require expensive equipment for such images. The drones are especially beneficial in capturing wedding parties, stadium shots, and high-rise buildings, among others.
  • Precision agriculture: The use of drones for monitoring crops is one activity that is fast gaining popularity amongst farmers. During monitoring, the drones not only assess crop health but also help spray insecticides. Drones are also helpful in the proper distribution of fertilizers across large fields.
  • Search and rescue: Drones are highly helpful in carrying out search and rescue operations. These drones are embedded with thermal sensors with night vision to locate living beings even in harsh conditions and uneven terrains. Also, during such situations, drones can help distribute food and other necessary items to victims.
  • Disaster management: In natural calamities and disasters, drones are the best resource to assess the situation. The highly advanced censors used in drone cameras and radars enable disaster management teams to cover large surveillance areas.
  • Weather forecast: Drones help in monitoring weather conditions, especially in case of dangerous situations. The low cost associated with drones is a significant reason they can be easily deployed in tornadoes and hurricane-prone areas.
  • Law enforcement: Drones are also used for surveillance purposes, which help maintain the law and order of the state. This application is especially beneficial in monitoring and controlling public gatherings, the smuggling of migrants, and border patrol.

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