About Us

Deep Tech Express connects the knowledge gap that exists on cutting edge technologies prevalent in the market by providing daily news updates on upcoming and early-stage technologies across different industry verticals.

We cover Deep Tech in industries such as healthcare, materials, chemicals, automotive, defense, space and aerospace, and electronics. We track various product developments, mergers and collaborations, and funding and investments, among other activities happening in the industries. Deep Tech Express substantiates each and every information with data from relevant research reports. We reach out to multiple analysts and highlight their findings to back up the information we provide.

In addition, we will also be piecing together some interesting facts and trends for our readers from across the world. The technology space is vast; thus, we will cover a wide range of new and upcoming technologies that are going to be the future or are going to pave the way for advanced technologies. Topics that we write about include 5G technology, wireless charging, launch vehicles, surveillance and cybersecurity, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, and autonomous and connected vehicles.