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Deep Tech Express

Deep Tech Express connects the knowledge gap that exists on cutting edge technologies prevalent in the market by providing daily news updates on upcoming and early-stage technologies across different industry verticals.

Powered by studies carried out by BIS Research and individual contributions from technology enthusiasts, Deep Tech Express covers news, podcasts, in-depth articles, and short snippets on industries such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, Internet of Things, big data, augmented and virtual reality, robotics, unmanned systems/drones, space and communication, healthcare, defense and security, materials, food and sustainability, and mobility.

Owing to the strong research-oriented background of BIS Research, facts and data shared at Deep Tech Express are substantiated from relevant market intelligence studies, industry news, and publicly available data of the companies.

The technology space is vast; thus, we will cover a wide range of new and upcoming technologies that are going to be the future or are going to pave the way for advanced technologies. We recommend that you subscribe and ensure that you don’t miss out on the cool and exciting things that you are about to read here.

About BIS Research

BIS Research provides premium market intelligence on deep technologies that have the potential to cause a high level of disruption in the market in the next few years. BIS Research excels in conducting market viability analysis for technologies that are still in the nascent stages of their lifecycle.

Our USP lies in offering market estimations based on secondary research data, which is then validated by industry leaders and other stakeholders via primary research. One of the key highlights of our market intelligence solutions is the incorporation of the Deep Tech M-A-P™ approach, i.e., market, application, and product, within the syndicated and custom research projects. Deep Tech M-A-P™ includes market, application, and product  (M-A-P) study in the case of each technology.