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4 Future Market Trends Influencing the 3D Holographic Display Market

3D holographic displays are cost-effective virtual 3D dimensional displays, which allow visualization of an object or a thing at various planes and dimensions. These displays eliminate the need for any external device, such as a wearable glass or a head-mounted gear, which makes it much more effective for viewing for a large audience. 3D holographic display is also referred to as 3d hologram, 3d display system, 3d product display, holographic projector, holographic projection screen, or holographic projection system. All products falling in these categories form the basis of 3D holographic display and services market.

The market includes the holographic display heads-up display (HUDs), holographic display fans, holographic display systems based on Pepper’s Ghost technology, and other volumetric display systems. The inception of 3D holographic display or display systems has created a new niche in the global display market. The ability to visualize objects, things and people is revolutionizing the electronics and consumer electronics industry.

Trends influencing the 3D Holographic Display Market:

  • Gearless Holographic Displays: 3D technologies have driven the optics industries for the development of stereoscopic helmets and head-mounted wearable displays for viewing or experiencing purposes. Although these approaches have been successful, they have not been widely accepted by the masses. It is due to the general unwillingness of the user to wearing an additional device, unless it is necessary. Moreover, such displays are meant for individual experiences and are unworkable for projecting to an audience.
  • Growth of AR and MR Technologies: Augmented reality (AR) allows users to visualize computer generated reality imposed on the real world. Mixed reality (MR) is the overlap of virtual and the real world and is the complete amalgamation of both realities. Both AR and MR have been gaining increasing traction, as they are expected to reshape the complete industrial commercial and individual environments. Holographic displays are a key to both these technologies, as 3D holographic displays allow depth cues essential for AR and MR. Therefore, the market is expected to grow at very high pace. 3D holographic displays would assist in the ongoing adoptions of AR, VR, XR, and MR technologies for various applications, as displays are a very crucial part of the whole ecosystem.
  • Growing Demand for 3D Content: The 3D content creation industry witnessed drastic growth after 2000s after various digital media creators, such as IMAX and Sony pictures, and many VFX developers started creating 3D content for masses. Alone in 2010 and 2011, more than 100 3D movies were produced. Moreover, an ongoing drift toward 3D print and television media from traditional 2D contents has also been witnessed. Due to the lack of available technologies to visualize high-quality, multivariate images, the industry utilizes 3D rendering techniques to convert 3D media into manageable 2D images, which tend to appear unrealistic and flat. However, with the ongoing developments in 3D holographic display technologies, this challenge is expected to be overcome in the coming years.
  • Free-Floating Image: A free-floating 3D image is a type of 3D visualization that requires no media or screen to visualize the images, as opposed to the available pseudo holographic displays, such as holographic fans and Pepper’s Ghost technology, which have invisible mediums, screens, or meshes, on which the 3D image or video is played. Free-floating images are expected to increase viewers experience and have a long-lasting effect as compared to 2D images. The media, television, and communication industries are looking forward to such techniques to improve consumer expectations and to increase the content standards. Floating videos are expected to become the next big thing in media, television, and other creative industries.

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