Type of indoor growing methods Food and Sustainability 

Types of Indoor Farming Methods

The world population is growing exponentially, and so is the demand for food. Several countries are already facing a scarcity of food and water. This shortage is estimated to increase in the coming years. Traditional farming has several challenges as it needs a definite amount of water and land. Moreover, several environmental factors affect the crops. Slight changes in the environmental factors can result in crop losses. Traditional farming also faces water shortage and land scarcity, as well as the need for extensive labor as a challenge. In the past,…

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Vertical-Farming Food and Sustainability 

Vertical Farming Creating Pathway for a Sustainable Future

In terms of contribution to gross domestic product (GDP), the agriculture sector plays a substantial role in any country’s economy. As a result, agricultural development receives a lot of attention to increase agricultural productivity and boost the economy of the country. The need to boost agricultural productivity has become crucial owing to the exponential growth of the global population, the resulting increase in global food consumption, the decline in agricultural land, and the depletion of limited natural resources. The growth of the urban population in developing countries, combined with improved…

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Hyperspectral-Image Food and Sustainability 

Hyperspectral Imaging in Agriculture

Hyperspectral imaging is the process of capturing and processing an image to get spectrum or spectral information of each pixel. This spectral information is of great significance as it can be used to recognize an object via its unique fingerprints called a spectral signature. Hyperspectral imaging consists of hundreds to thousands of measurements for every pixel in the scene, making it more diverse for detailed examination. Due to its ability to provide valuable data about the condition and health of the land and crops, hyperspectral imaging is widely used in…

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Genetic-Testing-Provisions-in-Europe Healthcare 

Genetic Testing Provisions in Europe

Genetic testing is a technique of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing used to determine chromosome structure or DNA sequence changes. Measurement of the results of genetic alterations, such as mutation, Ribonucleic acid (RNA) analysis as an output of gene expression, or biochemical analysis to quantify specific protein production are all examples of this testing. Genetic testing for cancer risk includes looking for inherited genetic variants that have been linked to a high to moderately increased risk of cancer in the patient and are the cause of inherited cancer susceptibility syndromes. Europe…

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ISOBUS Food and Sustainability 

ISOBUS – A Revolution in the Agriculture Industry

Connecting numerous implements to the tractor was previously difficult due to the need for as many control units as there was equipment in the cabin, not to mention all the various wires. The variety of control devices in the cab may increase as technologies are adopted, making it much incredibly difficult to manage. With ISOBUS, if the tractor and the required equipment have this compatibility, a seamless connection can be achieved between the two with a single cable. As a result, the launch of ISOBUS is a true revolution in…

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Drones Robotics 

Armed Unmanned Vehicles Instilling a Sense of Fear: Are We Ready to Confront the Dark Side of Drones?

The use of drones has been on the increase all over the world. The use of armed drones by several countries has created a climate of fear among the local populations. The use of armed drones is a new development that might endanger world peace. There is no international consensus on the legality of the use of armed drones. If armed drones are considered lawful, this will create a “playground of war” in which each state could decide for itself the level of violence it was prepared to perpetrate on…

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Technological-Advances-in-Organ-Transplant-Diagnostics Healthcare 

Technological Advances in Organ Transplant Diagnostics

Organ transplant diagnostics has become a critical component of clinical evaluations of numerous attributes linked with donor organ screening and recipient surveillance. Among individuals with end-stage chronic diseases that lead to organ dysfunction, organ transplantation is one of the most popular treatment options. The development of high-fidelity transplant diagnostic approaches that could offer long-term survival has been prompted by an increase in the healthcare burden due to an increment in the number of chronic conditions, as well as growing awareness among patients about the clinical outcomes associated with organ transplants. Since…

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Drone-Technology-for-Healthy-Hemp-Cultivation Food and Sustainability 

Drone Technology for Healthy Hemp Cultivation

The cannabis industry today is one of the fastest-growing industries, not because of the intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) but because of the non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and seizure-suppressant properties. CBD can be obtained from marijuana as well as hemp plants. Hemp carries minuscule amounts of THC and is cheaper to grow than cannabis; hence is a more preferred choice for CBD extraction. Growing a successful hemp crop can be a challenging undertaking. Drones are powerful tools for precision agriculture, and their data is especially relevant…

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Healthcare Systems Healthcare 

Sustainability: The Key Element of Future Healthcare Systems

Sustainability is a crucial aspect of the next-generation healthcare systems. We must understand that there has to be an integrated approach, especially when bringing together numerous sensitive economic, social, political, and cultural factors. We have to consider the needs and potential requirements of the future and use the existing resources efficiently. Today we have several promising technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. Let’s understand how these technologies can help the healthcare sector operate more sustainably. The challenge The relationship between healthcare and climate…

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Orthodontic-Treatment Healthcare 

Orthodontic Treatment and Its Role in Dental Health

The dental industry is experiencing a significant uptick all across the world. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with teeth malocclusion and oro-dental trauma. The dental specialization has existed since 1728, but because of technological enhancements in dentistry and related specialties, it has grown in prominence in recent years. Orthodontic equipment is being used extensively for the treatment of misaligned teeth. Orthodontic therapy is beneficial not just to one’s dental health but also to one’s general look. The market for orthodontic products is steadily expanding due to orthodontic treatment’s…

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