3D Holographic Display Materials 

4 Future Market Trends Influencing the 3D Holographic Display Market

3D holographic displays are cost-effective virtual 3D dimensional displays, which allow visualization of an object or a thing at various planes and dimensions. These displays eliminate the need for any external device, such as a wearable glass or a head-mounted gear, which makes it much more effective for viewing for a large audience. 3D holographic display is also referred to as 3d hologram, 3d display system, 3d product display, holographic projector, holographic projection screen, or holographic projection system. All products falling in these categories form the basis of 3D holographic…

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Autonomous Robotics 

6 Ways How Autonomous Last Mile Delivery Can be Strengthened

Globally, the number of cases has increased by 24.76% since March 2021. Although the mortality rate of COVID-19 is claimed to be approximately 2% but, watching its swift spread, the whole world is now under extreme fear and chaos. As many governments have implemented country-wide or state-wide lockdowns, many people face problems related to sourcing their daily essentials and groceries from various shops and supermarkets. Due to this there is a need for a seamless supply of essential medicines and health centers, which is being obstructed due to the lockdowns.…

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James Webb Space Telescope Space and Communication 

Deep Space Exploration – Leading Agencies and Technological Trends Influencing the Industry

The space sector has been undergoing numerous developments since the past years, due to several factors such as cost-effective systems due to technological advances, increasing private investments by emerging players in the industry, increasing need for better communication and connectivity. Deep space exploration includes both planetary explorations as well as human spaceflight and habitation explorations. Both these explorations require extensive support of various systems such as robotic systems to conduct various scientific investigations. The objectives for conducting deep space exploration is to expand human presence into space, increase planetary exploration…

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3D Printing Materials 

3D Printing – Keys Benefits and Advantages it Offers

Over the years, 3D printing has opened a plethora of opportunities across industry verticals, right from the reduction in discrete parts per product to a decrease in manufacturing costs. The technology has led to improved prototyping abilities, mass customization, and has shortened the value chain. The capacity to create parts with internal complexity, ease of design modification, and cost-effectiveness of small production runs have made it a favorable choice for the manufacturing industry. How the use of 3D printing is beneficial? Mast Customization: Products can be manufactured in small batches…

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Soldier Defense & Security 

5 Future Super Soldier Wearable Technologies You Must Know About

Over the years, soldier modernization has been a prime focus of armed forces to enhance the capability of their soldiers. Advanced technology and wearables are being procured by the defense forces to enhance soldiers’ combat and survival capabilities. The modern soldier wearable technologies have attained much attention in recent times, and thus it is expected that there will be a significant increase in research for their developments and application in the coming years. The smart soldier wearables can react, sense, and adapt themselves to the operating environmental conditions. The integration…

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Electric Vehicle Mobility 

4 Applications of Electric Vehicle Battery Housing Market

The automotive industry is witnessing a massive transformation in terms of technological development as the sales of electric vehicle have increased significantly due to various factors such as rising environmental concerns, availability of technology, and growing demand. The battery housing in an EV is responsible for providing crash-safe battery protection from electric shock and fire hazards. The development of advanced material and material composition for battery housing has significantly improved the design and structure of battery packs in EVs. The demand for light materials in order to increase the vehicle…

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Food and Beverage Food and Sustainability 

Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions – Know the Response of Large Food and Beverage Companies

Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions – Know the Response of Large Food and Beverage Companies Conventional food packaging materials involve the use of metals, paper, glass, and plastics. Packaging when disposed, is sent to landfills. It takes a lot of time to degrade and releases toxins when burnt, especially those made from plastics. Also, chemicals from the packaging materials trickle down into the groundwater and soil. Other than this, packaging materials that are heated along with the food can transfer non-edible harmful substances to the main food product. Due to growing…

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