Drone Robotics 

4 Major Concerns of Mobile Network Operators and Drone Companies

Drones are increasingly being employed and are providing important services leading to socio-economic benefits for a wide range of industries. This has led to the increasing adoption of drones in commercial, government, and military applications. The commercial drone market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the future. Earlier, drones use to take a flight for a short range of about one km distance from the controller, signifying that the drone was visible to the remote pilot. The operating range of drones and UAVs is popularly known as…

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Autoimmune Disorder Healthcare 

5 Most Common Type of Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are a condition in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys the body’s healthy tissues by perceiving them as foreign bodies. The majority of autoimmune disorders cause inflammation of affected parts of the body. The most commonly occurring autoimmune disorders include psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis. The increase in the aging population will be one of the significant trends in the global autoimmune disorder drug delivery devices market during 2019-2030. Globally, there is an increase in the aging population due to declining fertility and…

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Plant Based Food & Beverages Alternatives Food and Sustainability 

Key Trends Influencing the Plant based Food and Beverage Alternatives

Over the past few years, the popularity of drinking cow milk has gone down. Although the consumption is still high still the choice to opt for plant-based choice is enabling people to switch the other side. Plant-based alternatives are basically direct replacements for animal-based products, such as plant-based meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy. These include products that use the biomimicry approach to replicate the taste and texture of meat, as well as plant-forward products such as jackfruit, seitan, tofu, and tempeh. Plant Based Meat is available in the form of…

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Animal Food and Sustainability 

Growing Concerns Related to Animal Welfare Increasing the Demand for Cultured Meat Market

A wide variety of animal-free protein products are hitting the shelves today, with an array of production methods. Plant-based meats are aimed at replicating conventional meat’s taste and texture. The demand for alternative products has increased in recent years due to technological developments and growing apprehension about animal protection and rights. Cellular Agriculture Cellular agriculture establishes new mechanisms for producing existing agricultural products, especially animal products, from cell cultures rather than living organisms. The primary use of this technology has been for food applications, especially in cultivated meat, also called…

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Digital Twin Market Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 

Surge in Adoption of Industrial IoT is Likely to Push the Growth of Digital Twin Market Significantly

The advent of digital technology in the past decade has helped in the evolution of various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aviation, energy and utilities, and healthcare, among others, in terms of asset optimization, connectivity, cost reduction, enhanced safety measures, and convenience of users. Digital twin is one such technology, which is known for disrupting the industrial and commercial operations with its capability to create a virtual image of the actual object/machine by simulating the real-time process and technical data using Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, the reduction in process downtime…

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Cannabis Food and Sustainability 

4 Macroeconomic Trends Influencing the Growth of CBD-Infused Beverages Market

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient of cannabis but is non-psychoactive in nature. It offers many health benefits, and thus, it has gained popularity among consumers as well as manufacturers over the years. Several countries have implemented laws concerning the use, sale, and possession of cannabis with definite Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD content for the safety of human use. The legality of cannabis for different applications varies across countries in terms of its possession, distribution, cultivation, production of the end product, and medical conditions. These policies are usually regulated in…

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Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases Causing a Surge in Bioengineered Skin Substitutes Market

Bioengineered skin substitutes present an efficient alternative in substituting donor skin grafts and are emerging therapeutic tools with a wide range of application areas. Acting as a temporary protective cover of the wound bed, skin substitutes deliver both epidermal and dermal components required to achieve functional wound closure. The available products in the market can be classified on the basis of anatomical structure, duration of cover, skin substitutes composition, and biomaterial type. Synthetic skin substitutes are designed primarily to function as barriers to fluid loss and microbial contamination and are…

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