5G Antenna Space and Communication 

5G Antennas a Must for Smooth Functioning of 5G Technology

The increasing data traffic and network congestion is the cause of significant concern for users today. These concerns are pushing forward the demand for 5G technology. Implementing 5G technology can enhance the efficiency, quality of service, security, and reliability factor communication devices and network services.  Also, using the 5G network can fulfill the need for reliability, speed, and low latency. The 5G technology is going to be a boon for various applications. However, it requires proper hardware for seamless operations. Thus, the requirement of a 5G indoor distributed antenna system…

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Mobile Robot Robotics 

Spread of COVID-19 Is Increasing the Demand for Mobile Robots

From manufacturing to retail, even to manage customer service, robots are in use for various sectors. The increasing use of robotics and unmanned systems for multiple applications is a sight to behold. Also, the spread of the global health crisis, i.e., COVID-19, has pushed the envelope in favor of using mobile robots. Kivnon Launches Advanced Mobile Robot Series  The increasing demand for robots has led several companies to enter the market and develop new and advanced robots. Recently, Kivnon, a mobile robotics solution provider, launched a range of mobile robots…

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Non Volatile Memory Express Materials 

Easy Access and Exchange of Data with Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)

With markets no more being restricted by geographical boundaries and are spreading globally, the demand for new and advanced digital technologies is steadily on the rise. The increasing amount of data generated is used for analysis to understand user behavior. The data generated requires high security and better-performing storage devices to avoid any losses.   Benefits of NVMe devices The use of Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) memory devices ensures data security and accuracy. These devices provide quick data access with reduced latency and minimum power consumption. NVMe can deliver five to seven…

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